I just had a mild type anger (argghhhh… relax…)

How can I not be angry? I specifically asked for the sandwiches to be at the boardroom at 9am. Don’t they know what PUNCTUALITY means?!!!!!!!!!

By 915 they are still preparing the sandwiches? I think I was considered composed (cos’ I didn’t scream across the outlet) … i only gave her my tense & frustrated look and pointed at my watch then i said ‘it is now 915 and you are still preparing them?! I thought i said delivery at 9am?! My client have all arrived and waiting upstairs…and *sigh*…’.

(Meanwhile, I noticed increase in blood pressure and heart rate…)

I quit making further statements cos’ that was not going to make any difference, so I decided to carry some ready ones up…. at least the Clients can have some first.

Damn it… ! Charge so freaking expensive and some more charge service taxes…! what (da’ hell) service did i just get?! (Phhhhoo….. I feel like i am boiling inside… i could feel anger blending harmoniously with my blood, like cappuccino .. Oh yeah I could use some coffee right now…)

So, anyways, here’s the lesson learned today. I shall always ask them to deliver 30min-earlier!!!!!!! (even if it means the Paninis would be cold) Or I will never ever order the Coffee Bean downstairs anymore… EVER!

~ Queen Bitch ~



  1. hmmmm… sounds pretty familiar. aaaah… a typical m’sia’s customer service. “errrr, itu saya tak pasti lah cik. cuba cik call/dtg balik esok!” ugh!

  2. yah betul…. besok u pergi balik ke tmpt tu, another person will tell you “I need to check with the manager… ” and then she’ll realise.. “tapi she’s on leavelah, you have to come back another time…” arrggghhhh!!!!!! wtf?!!!!

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