When you don’t pay they chase u.. when they owe you they don’t layan u!

I am so freaking pissed!!!! when you have no money to pay your monthly min payment. They call and call and (with a threatening tone) ask you to pay up by a said deadline. But then, when they owe you (under special case) … wah… they take their own sweet time lah…

Ya, they owe me. what.. You don’t believe me?!

Well you see, I have overpaid my payment. Now they actually have to give me a refund! First i was referred to Dept A, then after a few week’s passed, i thought i’d call them back (cos’ they nvr call me) to find out at what stage is it lah… then they said to me ‘oh, that person is on leave. speak to the assistant’

… So, i spoke to the assistant, which then referred me to Dept B. (oi yoh… at that point, i thought i would’ve fainted bcos’ I’ve vomiting too much blood… (chinese says…”au huit!”) But, I couldn’t blame him cos’ he had so far been pretty helpful. He also gave me 3 contacts (from Dept B).. in case I want to speak to them.

phooo… (gasp) I had no choice right? I had to just do what he told me to. I faxed to Dept B. I will keep you posted lah on this… (see if Dept B calls me back)

If not….. (well, i don’t know what i’d do) I will definitely get a *BITCH FIT (if you’ve watched White Chick you’d get what mean .. heehee).

ok… (be patient) see lah what happens next.

  ~Queen Bitch~


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