At World’s End

(ooo…. so hemsem…yummy)

Girls are just so into the ‘badboy’ look in guys.. (me too!) But, we always settled for the good boys. 🙂

Cepat2 find yourself a good guy, sebelum the world ‘ends’…

betul tak?

arh… ok, about the movie… aku selalunya sokong ‘piracy’ (ahem) but this I gotta watch in the big screen.

Johnny, wait for me……



  1. it’s so nice, piracy’s quality getting better!! ha ha, no need cinema anymore

  2. You really love Johnny Depp huh. I like him too but that don’t mean I’m gay. hehehe
    Anyway, I love he played weird character like Tim Burton’s movie which Johnny Depp loves working with.

  3. Clementwong: yup, piracy’s quality is DEFINITELY so much better. The gangster looking guys selling them are so good at ‘servicing’ the customers. You can change as many times as u want. No questions asked… 😛 hehe

    Syaf The Geek: I love Johnny. Ever since he acted in 21 Jumpstreet. Classic. *Muahs!*

  4. agreed. my hometown.. can get it anywhere… the snifing dog… useless… it’ll just go round and round… coz it’s everywhere

  5. when u come to think of it…Johnny’s kinda skinny…but when he’s Capt.Jak Sparrow…ooolaaalaaaaaa….MaMa likes! hehehehe……not a dull moment.

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