more on malaysians and senior citizens …


  1. Comment by rZa on May 11, 2007 10:17 pm 10:17 pmwell, n4zry, dats m’sian lah! yeah…i experience once, when i was heavily pregger with my 3rd bebe. dah lah sarat mengandung, naik lah mak buyung nih ke monorail after ois hour. wa ckp sama lu, takde sekor pun nak offer tau! baik yg pakai tudung sampai la yg dah beso pjg. eeeeei! rasa nak sepak je sekor2. tak lah aku ni menghrpkan sgt kan, tp saje nak tgk izzit m’sian s wat we r labelled s courteoud ppl dan berbudi bahasa. HAMPEH!
  2. Comment by MaMa Bitch on May 21, 2007 2:48 pm 2:48 pmHI guys / gals!Been some time since I last wrote anything…last was about the “more senior” lady getting on the train, which the Queen B kindly relayed. I’d just like to add on to that.
    Just yesterday I went shopping. I got in line waiting for my turn to pay while the cashier finished with the girl infornt of me. Then suddenly comes this lady, I’d say in her mid 50s going on 60, asking about a bunch of hangers she’d like to purchase. So, obviously the cashier answered her query. Tup-tup he took the money from her and did the payment transaction!!! I of course HOT lah! I said, “Dik! Bukan I turn I dulu ke? I kan beratur dulu?” while i was staring at the old lady. All I got was a “Oh!” Like he was blind & didnt see me standing there for the last 5 minutes waiting to pay with my membership card in hand!!!! What the F**K! The old geizer just buat dunno aje lah! I was even staring at her while she was paying & walking away. I dont want to sound rude…BUT WAHT IS IT WITH HER GENERATION! Its as if they were never taught any etiquette! You dont really need to be taught lah…sendiri pikir lah kan. I knew I should have told her to get in line but I just couldnt bring myself to say that to an elder…And dont get me started on the cashier…ooops..STUPID CASHIER. He cld have asked her to line up kan? My goodness!!!! That’s IT. I’m not going to be nice ANYMORE! The next time the occassion arises, I’m going to have my say! Just coz you’re older than us doesnt mean you can do whatever you like. Betul tak? I mean if you were feable & decrepide then itu lain ceritalah. & the cashier is not going to get a vote from me thats for sure. What I intend to do is write a complaint on their survey card next time. I know its not a big deal, but when push comes to shove…all hope is gonelah! I am soooooo going to teach my kids how to be respective of the older generation BUT YET NOT to get stepped on by them. Sigh!

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