Teenagers nowadays…

Teenagers are so self-centred and they have no shame.  Even the foreigners know how to rasa malu. The are too into their “own-world” and so oblivious to others around them.

Me and a colleague of mine was travelling in the monorail last night when we come across this really young couple. I’d say they’re in their late teens or 2o’s wanna-be.  They can’t wait to be “matured“.

They were basically glued to each other. Some gave them the stares. But, they didn’t care.

I just hope the Monorail management could do something. Saman them maybe. Put up some “Dilarang berkelakuan sumbang di dalam tren” or something along the line.

what say you?

or are you one of “them” …, spare us the eye-torture.

behave, would you?



  1. they did it there??

  2. Of course not! wat lah you…

  3. Most of the teenagers nowadays have attitute problem too! Not only have no self-respect but also no respect to others.

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