time flies…

Has it been 4 months? OMG… time flies. Where have I been? I’ve been ‘detox’ing. I took a leave from my bitchy self. 🙂

Also, because there were just TOO MUCH work. I had to be “away” from here. You know what I mean?

I lessen (slightly) my swearing, my cursing, my gossip (ooo… this one ah… maybe still quite a lot of gossip but just to a few ppl! haha)

But most of all… I think maybe I’d come back & write here once a while…

(i try)

*Live each day like tomorrow’s your last.*



how smart is S.M.A.R.T. ?

bacalah the following joke I received from one of my friends… :p

malaysians are so ‘talented‘ when it comes to sarcasm! haha

“Anybody saw the Pak Lah paying a surprise visit to DBKL? (semi surprised actually)

wah, damn keng lah, don’t know what Jeanne had done to him on the first night,I think he’s twice the man before!

Pak Lah : Apa dah jadi ni? What’s with the smart tunnel?

DBKL : err…yang berhormat, SMART tunnel belum siap.

Pak Lah : Belum siap lagi? Kenapa belum siap?

DBKL : Sebenarnya kami nak kutip tol dulu yang berhormat, lepas
pilihanraya baru siap tunnel. Lagi pun kami salah announce, sepatutnya
kami cakap yang tunnel tu belum siap lagi tapi jalan dah boleh guna.
Mungkin kami patut jangan buka dulu, atau korek dari bawah ke atas


DBKL : Yang berhormat?…err…yang berhormat?

Pak Lah : {suddenly wakes up) Eh, kita tang mana tadi?

DBKL : Yang berhormat tengah bambu saya pasai smart tunnel

Pak Lah : Hey, don’t play smart alex with me. Hang tu orang KL nak pi
cakap utara konon. Aku piak telinga hang karang baru tau! Can you speed it

DBKL : Err…boleh kot.. Kena beli cangkul yang mahal sikit yang berhormat.

Pak Lah : Jangan cakap saja, kena buat. Saya sudah penat dengar cakap2

DBKL : Ye yang berhormat. Bekerjalah dengan saya, jangan kerjakan saya

Pak Lah : Hangpa perli aku ka?

DBKL : Tidak yang berhormat, ini semua kuasa tuhan, hujan terlalu lebat
yang berhormat.

Pak Lah : Oh, sekarang baru ingat tuhan ye? Kang aku ubah Islam Hadhari,
sapa tak buat kerja mai sini aku potong kepala, baru hang tau!!!
Enough tok! Walk the tok now!

as a side note, lots of proton saga, 27k didn’t make it in the flood.
Screwd habis..tak leh jual, jadi scrap metal.”

When you don’t pay they chase u.. when they owe you they don’t layan u!

I am so freaking pissed!!!! when you have no money to pay your monthly min payment. They call and call and (with a threatening tone) ask you to pay up by a said deadline. But then, when they owe you (under special case) … wah… they take their own sweet time lah…

Ya, they owe me. what.. You don’t believe me?!

Well you see, I have overpaid my payment. Now they actually have to give me a refund! First i was referred to Dept A, then after a few week’s passed, i thought i’d call them back (cos’ they nvr call me) to find out at what stage is it lah… then they said to me ‘oh, that person is on leave. speak to the assistant’

… So, i spoke to the assistant, which then referred me to Dept B. (oi yoh… at that point, i thought i would’ve fainted bcos’ I’ve vomiting too much blood… (chinese says…”au huit!”) But, I couldn’t blame him cos’ he had so far been pretty helpful. He also gave me 3 contacts (from Dept B).. in case I want to speak to them.

phooo… (gasp) I had no choice right? I had to just do what he told me to. I faxed to Dept B. I will keep you posted lah on this… (see if Dept B calls me back)

If not….. (well, i don’t know what i’d do) I will definitely get a *BITCH FIT (if you’ve watched White Chick you’d get what mean .. heehee).

ok… (be patient) see lah what happens next.

  ~Queen Bitch~

COPING WITH STRESS (i’m just not in my *bitchy* mode today)

A recent survey showed that 70-90% of us feel stressed at work and outside. There are steps we can take to manage stress. Research has shown that heart attack victims who have pets live longer.(yeah! I will live longer! ahem… hehe)

A lot of ppl choose aromatherapy, acupuncture, massages, play games, and even s*x. *ahem*

But nothing beats the therapeutic companions of pets!

if you own one, you’d know what I mean…..!

here are some pictures of my cat… Pipee

here’s Pipee thinking…


and Pipee sun bathing…