how smart is S.M.A.R.T. ?

bacalah the following joke I received from one of my friends… :p

malaysians are so ‘talented‘ when it comes to sarcasm! haha

“Anybody saw the Pak Lah paying a surprise visit to DBKL? (semi surprised actually)

wah, damn keng lah, don’t know what Jeanne had done to him on the first night,I think he’s twice the man before!

Pak Lah : Apa dah jadi ni? What’s with the smart tunnel?

DBKL : err…yang berhormat, SMART tunnel belum siap.

Pak Lah : Belum siap lagi? Kenapa belum siap?

DBKL : Sebenarnya kami nak kutip tol dulu yang berhormat, lepas
pilihanraya baru siap tunnel. Lagi pun kami salah announce, sepatutnya
kami cakap yang tunnel tu belum siap lagi tapi jalan dah boleh guna.
Mungkin kami patut jangan buka dulu, atau korek dari bawah ke atas


DBKL : Yang berhormat?…err…yang berhormat?

Pak Lah : {suddenly wakes up) Eh, kita tang mana tadi?

DBKL : Yang berhormat tengah bambu saya pasai smart tunnel

Pak Lah : Hey, don’t play smart alex with me. Hang tu orang KL nak pi
cakap utara konon. Aku piak telinga hang karang baru tau! Can you speed it

DBKL : Err…boleh kot.. Kena beli cangkul yang mahal sikit yang berhormat.

Pak Lah : Jangan cakap saja, kena buat. Saya sudah penat dengar cakap2

DBKL : Ye yang berhormat. Bekerjalah dengan saya, jangan kerjakan saya

Pak Lah : Hangpa perli aku ka?

DBKL : Tidak yang berhormat, ini semua kuasa tuhan, hujan terlalu lebat
yang berhormat.

Pak Lah : Oh, sekarang baru ingat tuhan ye? Kang aku ubah Islam Hadhari,
sapa tak buat kerja mai sini aku potong kepala, baru hang tau!!!
Enough tok! Walk the tok now!

as a side note, lots of proton saga, 27k didn’t make it in the flood.
Screwd habis..tak leh jual, jadi scrap metal.”


more on malaysians and senior citizens …


  1. Comment by rZa on May 11, 2007 10:17 pm 10:17 pmwell, n4zry, dats m’sian lah! yeah…i experience once, when i was heavily pregger with my 3rd bebe. dah lah sarat mengandung, naik lah mak buyung nih ke monorail after ois hour. wa ckp sama lu, takde sekor pun nak offer tau! baik yg pakai tudung sampai la yg dah beso pjg. eeeeei! rasa nak sepak je sekor2. tak lah aku ni menghrpkan sgt kan, tp saje nak tgk izzit m’sian s wat we r labelled s courteoud ppl dan berbudi bahasa. HAMPEH!
  2. Comment by MaMa Bitch on May 21, 2007 2:48 pm 2:48 pmHI guys / gals!Been some time since I last wrote anything…last was about the “more senior” lady getting on the train, which the Queen B kindly relayed. I’d just like to add on to that.
    Just yesterday I went shopping. I got in line waiting for my turn to pay while the cashier finished with the girl infornt of me. Then suddenly comes this lady, I’d say in her mid 50s going on 60, asking about a bunch of hangers she’d like to purchase. So, obviously the cashier answered her query. Tup-tup he took the money from her and did the payment transaction!!! I of course HOT lah! I said, “Dik! Bukan I turn I dulu ke? I kan beratur dulu?” while i was staring at the old lady. All I got was a “Oh!” Like he was blind & didnt see me standing there for the last 5 minutes waiting to pay with my membership card in hand!!!! What the F**K! The old geizer just buat dunno aje lah! I was even staring at her while she was paying & walking away. I dont want to sound rude…BUT WAHT IS IT WITH HER GENERATION! Its as if they were never taught any etiquette! You dont really need to be taught lah…sendiri pikir lah kan. I knew I should have told her to get in line but I just couldnt bring myself to say that to an elder…And dont get me started on the cashier…ooops..STUPID CASHIER. He cld have asked her to line up kan? My goodness!!!! That’s IT. I’m not going to be nice ANYMORE! The next time the occassion arises, I’m going to have my say! Just coz you’re older than us doesnt mean you can do whatever you like. Betul tak? I mean if you were feable & decrepide then itu lain ceritalah. & the cashier is not going to get a vote from me thats for sure. What I intend to do is write a complaint on their survey card next time. I know its not a big deal, but when push comes to shove…all hope is gonelah! I am soooooo going to teach my kids how to be respective of the older generation BUT YET NOT to get stepped on by them. Sigh!

When you don’t pay they chase u.. when they owe you they don’t layan u!

I am so freaking pissed!!!! when you have no money to pay your monthly min payment. They call and call and (with a threatening tone) ask you to pay up by a said deadline. But then, when they owe you (under special case) … wah… they take their own sweet time lah…

Ya, they owe me. what.. You don’t believe me?!

Well you see, I have overpaid my payment. Now they actually have to give me a refund! First i was referred to Dept A, then after a few week’s passed, i thought i’d call them back (cos’ they nvr call me) to find out at what stage is it lah… then they said to me ‘oh, that person is on leave. speak to the assistant’

… So, i spoke to the assistant, which then referred me to Dept B. (oi yoh… at that point, i thought i would’ve fainted bcos’ I’ve vomiting too much blood… (chinese says…”au huit!”) But, I couldn’t blame him cos’ he had so far been pretty helpful. He also gave me 3 contacts (from Dept B).. in case I want to speak to them.

phooo… (gasp) I had no choice right? I had to just do what he told me to. I faxed to Dept B. I will keep you posted lah on this… (see if Dept B calls me back)

If not….. (well, i don’t know what i’d do) I will definitely get a *BITCH FIT (if you’ve watched White Chick you’d get what mean .. heehee).

ok… (be patient) see lah what happens next.

  ~Queen Bitch~

Lagi lagi LRT story…

yeah man! give them the finger salute!


Middle Finger Salute


Crown ~Queen Bitch~

Comment by n4zry on May 8, 2007 6:14 pm 6:14 pm

yo bebe! u know what, my gf once faint inside the putra lrt train and everyone inside just pretending like nothing happened. thats sucks! my gf dah la kecil comel jek kan… and then she just get up and go off the train alone. kesian lah.. the sad thing is, the people inside.. mcm bangang jek! and another stories when we were inside the monorail… it was during peak hours, its raining like hell and KL is flooding haha so everyone is like rushing back home lah kan.. dlm train mcm sardin lah, everyone is talking so u know..bingit la..the train reaches imbi station and there was a group of gurls wearing “tudung” ( nmpk mcm baik la kan) pushing each other while nak masuk train.. i was like ” hey, bagi la org keluar dulu kan..” then they pushed me and my gf..masa tu i can’t stand it anymore..suddenly i shouted at them ” HOI, DAH LAH TAK BAGI ORG KELUAR DULU! PEHTU MAIN TOLAK2 PULAK! KORANG NI BODOH KE BANGANG?! JGN LA JADI MELAYU YANG BODOH TAK HABIS2!!! ” suddenly after that the train becomes silent like nobody inside..hahahaha puas hati i seldomly use the train coz i prefer to drive la kan..sakit kepala la tgk org utan naik train hahaha

Let’s grow old to become smarter…

This is a true story.

(Perhaps this only happen in our country?) I was not surprised when a friend told me yesterday that she nearly tripped when she was pushed by an old Chinese aunty, I am not sure of her age, she never mentioned that to me. (You see, Kiasuism not only happen in Sgpr…) The old lady spotted the empty seat before the LRT door opened. My friend was standing in front of her. I knew she would’ve happily offered her the seat anyway because we Malaysians berbudi bahasa kan??? We let those the needy (especially the elderly) have the seats first (haha! ya right… see lah if we are in the mood to be kind *evil laugh*)

p/s: The old lady didn’t get the seat either. (padam muka!)

So girls, please let us be wiser as we get older. We don’t want to be labeled as STUPID OLD LADY now do we ?

How to deal with Doongu/Goondu(s) at the workplace?

How to deal?

Just give the BIG F these T-shirts on her birthday!

you can have these choices …





and to test how smart your doongu is, ask her to watch this video..

*evil laugh*

p/s: “STUPID = Smart Talented Unique Person In Demand”

bitch crown ~Queen Bitch~

Comment by MaMa Bitch on April 25, 2007 12:53 pm
As hard as I try I just CANNOT like or work with some people!! She(let’s call her the BIG ‘F’)shld try to lighten up. You only have 1 life to live, don’t go through it like ur a farking zombie! All work & no play makes u THE dullest-i-dont-want-to-look-at-ur-face bitch! I’m all for wanting to do & complete ones job…hey! That’s what we’re paid to do…but for goodness sake, everybody else is having fun doing it…can’t u?! And another thing…u give me something to do…fine…u can’t expect it ready in less than an hour! Look at the list la wei! There was no mention of it being urgent in the 1st first place. Do you really think I have nothing to do if you don’t give me any work??!!?! i don’t report to u anyway. If I ‘wachaaaaaaaaaaaaa’ u then u know! FRUST lah kerja dgn org ‘duh’ macam ni!! Muka pun jenis yg takde expression. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee….!